I think it is important to know who you are considering
doing business with so please allow me to introduce
myself to you.  My name is Valerie Vallejo, owner and
Interior Decorator of Vallejo Designs. I am married and
together my husband and I have 5 children. I am
originally from Southern California and moved to
Northern California in 2002. We make our home in the
city of Tracy

I have had a love for decorating for what seems all of my
life.  I independently studied the art of Interior
Decorating. I knew I had found my calling. Not only did it
quench the creative side of myself, it gave me the
opportunity to give to others what I value most in life, a
place to truly call home. Home is the center of life,
whether we have a large family, a small family or on our
own.....Whether we are living in a small apartment or a
mansion, it is the one place we cannot wait to come back
to. Our homes should provide us with comfort and allow
us take pride in what we have accomplished. I am proud
to  be able to give these things to my clients. I look
forward to many years of service.

Thank you very much for visiting my site, I hope to hear
from you soon.

Valerie Vallejo
Owner, Vallejo Designs
Vallejo Designs
Home Interior Decorating
Transforming houses into homes...
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Valerie Vallejo
Owner, Vallejo Designs